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Participating in our Export Readiness training programs at the California Center for International Trade Development is crucial for businesses aiming to succeed in the global marketplace. Whether you’re new to exporting or seeking to enhance your international trade capabilities, our comprehensive training programs provide invaluable insights, strategies, and resources to navigate the complexities of global trade with confidence. With offerings ranging from an introductory workshop to advanced classes, CITD equips businesses with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to capitalize on international opportunities, mitigate risks, and maximize success. Join us and take the first step towards unlocking your potential in the global arena.

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Exporting 101: Pathways to Developing International Markets

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Embark on your journey into the world of exporting with our Exporting 101 workshop. Whether you’re new to exporting or looking to expand your global sales, this workshop is tailored to equip you with essential knowledge and practical strategies to navigate the complexities of international trade. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Understanding Exporting: Gain insights into the fundamentals of exporting, including debunking myths, assessing affordability, understanding competition, and evaluating the benefits and risks associated with exporting. Determine your export readiness and learn how to overcome common barriers.
  • Steps to Successful Exporting: Explore the step-by-step process of successful exporting, from conducting market research and strategic planning to setting competitive pricing, navigating regulations, identifying opportunities, managing logistics, and ensuring timely payment.
  • Key Concepts Before You Export: Familiarize yourself with important concepts such as product classification, Automated Export System (AES), transportation modes, Incoterms 2020, and methods of payment. Understand how these factors impact your export transactions and how to leverage them to your advantage.
  • Export Documentation Process: Learn about the essential export documentation required for international transactions, including initial inquiries, export quotations, proforma invoices, customer purchase orders, commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, bills of lading, and recordkeeping practices.

Target Industries: Manufacturing, Equipment, Processed Foods, Consumer-Oriented Products, Fresh Produce, Dried Fruit & Nuts, and Beverages.

Who Should Attend: Business owners; entrepreneurs; manufacturers; commodity traders; sales, marketing, and logistics professionals; business students; and anyone considering exporting.

Whether you’re venturing into exporting for the first time or seeking to expand your global footprint, this workshop provides valuable insights and practical guidance to help you succeed in the global marketplace. Join us and unlock the potential of international trade for your business.


CalAgX: California's Premiere Export Training Series Since 2006!

Are you ready to take your California agricultural products to the global market? Join us for the CalAgX comprehensive export training series, where you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and resources to expand your sales on a global scale. Here’s what the CalAgX program can do for you:

  • Next Steps for Global Expansion: Develop actionable strategies to elevate your company’s presence in international markets and capitalize on global sales opportunities.
  • Financial and Promotional Assistance: Understand the financial and promotional support available for exporters and learn how to leverage these resources to maximize your export success.
  • Networking Opportunities: Establish valuable contacts with experienced professionals in international finance, logistics, and trade, and gain insights from their expertise.
  • International Sales Inquiries: Learn how to effectively respond to international sales inquiries and trade leads and turn inquiries into successful export transactions.
  • Logistics and Payment: Master the intricacies of international logistics, including transportation of perishable goods, freight forwarding, customs procedures, and secure payment methods.
  • Identifying Export Barriers: Identify and address company-specific barriers to exporting and learn strategies to overcome common challenges in international trade.
  • Access to International Trade Specialists: Benefit from the guidance and expertise of international trade specialists from around the world, who will provide valuable insights and support throughout the export process.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Learn from the experiences of other exporters and gain valuable insights into best practices and lessons learned in international trade.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your export readiness and unlock the potential of global markets for your California agricultural products. Join us for the CalAgX comprehensive export training series and take your export journey to new heights.

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Exporting a California Specialty Crop Product

Companies that are new to exporting and companies that have previously considered and abandoned an exporting plan can use A Business of Details to get up to speed on terminology, processes, common pitfalls and strategies for success. This training video follows a shipment of Romaine Lettuce from a packing facility in Salinas, California to its destination in Taiwan. This project is funded by the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, and is presented by the California Centers for International Trade Development at State Center Community College District.

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