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At California Center for International Trade Development, we empower California businesses to excel globally through trade missions, international shows, and in-store promotions. Through these subsidized and fee-for-service trade opportunities, CITD aims to support California exporters in accessing international markets, building brand presence, and achieving export success.



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CalCITD Trade Mission Section

Trade Missions: The CITD organizes and facilitates trade missions to key international markets, both inbound and outbound, with the aim of fostering business connections, facilitating trade partnerships, and promoting California exports. These missions typically involve delegations of California businesses representing the specialty crop, and food and beverage industries.

  • Inbound Trade Missions: CITD hosts inbound trade missions where international buyers, investors, and delegations visit California to explore business opportunities, meet with local companies, and engage in trade discussions. These missions often include business matchmaking events, networking receptions, site visits to local facilities, and one-on-one meetings with California exporters.
  • Outbound Trade Missions: CITD organizes outbound trade missions where California businesses travel to foreign markets to showcase their products and services, meet with potential buyers, distributors, and partners, and explore opportunities for market expansion. These missions may include participation in trade shows, business matchmaking events, meetings with government officials, and site visits to local businesses.


Trade Show Exhibition

International Trade Shows: CITD facilitates the participation of California companies in international trade shows, exhibitions, and industry events worldwide. These trade shows serve as valuable platforms for California exporters to showcase their products, establish brand presence, explore new markets, and connect with potential buyers and partners.

  • Preparation and Logistics: CITD assists companies in all aspects of trade show participation, from pre-show preparation to post-show follow-up. This includes booth design and setup, logistics coordination, shipping arrangements, travel planning, and registration assistance.
  • On-Site Support: CITD provides on-site support and assistance to exhibitors during the trade show, including networking opportunities, business matchmaking services, interpreter services, and logistical support. We strive to ensure that California companies make the most of their participation and maximize their exposure at the event.
  • Post-Show Follow-Up: Following the trade show, CITD assists exhibitors with post-show follow-up, lead generation, and relationship building. This may include organizing follow-up meetings with potential buyers, providing market intelligence and feedback gathered during the event, and facilitating ongoing communication with leads and contacts made at the trade show.


In-Store Marketing Campaigns

CalCITD In-Store Section

In-store Promotions: CITD collaborates with retailers, distributors, and importers to organize in-store promotions and product demonstrations featuring California-made products. These promotions aim to increase brand visibility, stimulate consumer interest, and drive sales of California products in international markets.

  • Product Demonstrations: CITD arranges product demonstrations and tastings in retail stores, supermarkets, and specialty shops to showcase California products to consumers. These demonstrations allow consumers to sample the products, learn about their unique qualities and attributes, and make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Merchandising and Display: CITD works with retailers to create attractive product displays and promotional materials that highlight California products and convey their quality, authenticity, and provenance. Eye-catching displays, signage, and promotional materials help draw attention to California products and encourage impulse purchases.
  • Consumer Engagement: CITD facilitates consumer engagement activities such as contests, giveaways, and promotions to drive foot traffic to retail stores and increase consumer engagement with California products. These activities create buzz around the products, generate excitement among consumers, and encourage repeat purchases.
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